Miché Fambro

Miché Fambro, a singer and instrumentalist, is the grandson of vaudeville performers. When he was young, Fambro was the neighborhood bandleader, mentoring his peers on a variety of instruments. As an adult, he has continued to compose music and mentor young musicians in workshops and online, through an online series of “Guitar Lessons.”


Find Your Own Voice

Through music, rhythms, stories and a smattering of history, Miché Fambro encourages young people toward creative self-expression. Using his own unique approach to playing the guitar, his belief in using whatever is at hand to begin, and humor, Miché both challenges and inspires his audience to experiment, to play, to practice and to believe in themselves. Whether Miché is relating a story about having been expelled from Art School for playing the guitar left-handed, or being turned down by record companies because he didn’t look and sound like everyone else, Miché offers a positive and affirming message of following one’s own path.

Of course, growing in any creative endeavor involves a willingness to listen, to learn, to try things and to persevere. The journey toward finding one’s voice begins with a respectful attentiveness to many voices. Miché demonstrates through his music the ways in which he incorporates and translates a wide range of musical flavors and rhythms into his own unique sound. In so doing, he takes his audience on a mini-tour of different cultures’ musical traditions. Students will be given the opportunity to play with rhythms and to create music on the spot. And they will be inspired to move beyond imitation to self-expression.

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